Using MyFlightScope

Getting started

One of our mobile applications will have to be used, with a FlightScope radar, to upload information to MyFlightScope. Our X2 Skills, VX, Xi+ and Xi Skills applications have this upload functionality built in. All of these applications are available on both Android and iOS operating systems.

How to upload your information

Once your session is completed, disconnect your mobile device from the radar, connect your device to the internet and go to the home screen of your application. Give the application a few seconds on the home screen to make sure all of your information gets uploaded.

Understand your results

Understanding your FlightScope results is easy with the new reporting tools on Whether you take lessons with an instructor on the FlightScope series of teaching applications, or capture your own data on the FlightScope Xi, you can review and track your results instantly with our powerful reporting tools.

With over 25 data parameters available, you can get a complete picture of both your swing and ball flight performance using FlightScope technology.

Using these detailed data parameters with the help of a PGA professional, you can better assess your overall skills, and hone in on the exact parts of your game that require improvement.

Extended learning: FlightScope Academy

The FlightScope Academy has been established to provide a forum to educate our FlightScope customers and golf professionals around the world in the usage and benefits of FlightScope technology in teaching and fitting.

Get the most out of your FlightScope with lessons ranging from general hardware and software use, to instruction on generating revenue with the FlightScope line of products.

Visit our FlightScope Academy Portal to register