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FlightScope Xi

Total Yards Tracked

on VX2 and Skills apps

Number of Shots Tracked

on VX2 and Skills apps
times around 24,901 miles
times 220 miles to I.S.S
% 238,900 miles to Moon
% 34 million miles to Mars

Longest Drive

on VX2 and Skills apps

Fastest Club

on VX2 and Skills apps

Fastest Ball

on VX2 and Skills apps

Practice as if you are playing

Why just senselessly hit balls on the driving range when you can hone in your club distances by playing customized Skills challenges or better yet, by competing with your friends in online challenges. is the one-stop online community that allows you the ultimate golf experience.

Knowledge is power

A driving range is one of the most “forgiving” places to play golf. With the FlightScope Xi Skills or X2 Skills apps you have the ability to review every shot in detail, you get instant feedback on your distance, grouping, accuracy etc.

Driving 300+ yards does not mean anything if you constantly miss the fairway by 30 yards.

And compare to Tour Player averages

Some of the most important statistics for any golfer is knowing your driving distance, approach and accuracy. With you have access to all of your statistics including how you stack up to Tour Player averages. Furthermore you can track your stats over time to see how you have improved and spot trends.