Master your Passion

Analyze and track your skills with FlightScope mobile applications and to accelerate your improvement as a golfer.

Analyze your game

Take your golfing experience to the next level by joining the MyFlightScope community. Track your progress, review Skills and Combine Challenges, or track your rankings on the live leaderboards.

  • Join the community and connect with fellow golfers like yourself, and even Tour players.

  • Practice with any of the FlightScope apps and get instant feedback on your ball flight and swing.

  • All of your data is automatically uploaded to once your device is connected to the Internet.

  • Keep track of your stats over time, spot trends or tendencies, and see how you have improved. Compare your results with golfers around the world.

  • Create custom Skills challenges and challenge your friends to compete for a spot on the top of the leaderboards.

  • Share all of your success and stats with your friends.

Total Yards Tracked

on VX and Skills apps

Number of Shots Tracked

on VX and Skills apps
times around  
times 220 miles to I.S.S
% 238,900 miles to Moon
% 234 million miles to Mars

Longest Drive

on VX and Skills apps

Fastest Club

on VX and Skills apps

Fastest Ball

on VX and Skills apps

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